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AVery cluff

Avery grew up in Northern California with two hippie parents who instilled her with a love of the outdoors early on, but didn’t start climbing in earnest until she got to college and realized professional circus wasn’t really a thing on the east coast. She got involved in running the recreational climbing and outdoors clubs on campus instead, and decided to get serious this past season. Her strategy was to find someone willing to trade belaying for knowledge, and spend almost every weekend wandering around Cathedral Ledge learning to be a crusty old trad dude (or as close as a 5’2” girl can get). She’s also gotten a chance to climb in the New, Southern Yosemite, Acadia, the Daks, and a bunch of random crags in the Northeast. This winter she’s trading in some ski weekends for ice and mixed climbing, which so far has been almost as fun as it is cold.
  • SPCI Single pitch climbing instructor
  • National Registry EMT-b
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • LNT Master Educator
  • Pursuing a BS in Biology