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Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park
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It's not the coast of Acadia but it was once covered by an ancient sea and given the quality of the climbing, that's good enough to make us want to climb there with you. In 2014, we are pleased to add the Front Range of Colorado to our list of offerings especially Rocky Mountain National Park which was once home to school owner and IFMGA/AMGA Mountain Guide Jon Tierney. Stay tuned as we add other areas such as the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon to offerings. 

Rocky Mountain National Park, Lumpy Ridge, Twin Owls

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Rock Climbing on MainlinerOne of our favorite areas to climb in the United States and now we can take you there too. In 2014 Rocky Mountain National Park opened the door to a select number of additional guide services to work in the park and we at Acadia Mountain Guides are pretty darn stoked to share this opportunity with our clients.

Overlooking Estes valley, Lumpy Ridge offers some of the best and most scenic granite climbs around. Whatever grade you climb, Lumpy has it. Approaches across open meadows and through Ponderosa and Aspen forest just add to the majesty of the area.

One of the first formations along the approach is aptly named Twin Owls that when viewed from a distance resemble two Owls sitting side by side. Here you will find classic, mostly 2 pitch routes like the Pin Route (5.5), Organ Pipes (5.6), East Ridge (5.8) and Conads (5.9) to name a few.

West of Twin Owls, the not to be missed four pitch route Batman and Robin (5.6) lies on the south side of Batman Pinnacle.

Just beyond is a formation called The Book which stands about 600 feet high and boasts many great 5.9 climbs such as the famous J Crack, Loose Ends, Georges Tree and Pear Buttress. Nearby is the The Bookmark which is home to BackFlip (5.9) and Melvin's Wheel (5.8) among many other climbs. For those seeking a little easier lines White Whale and Hiatus are two sweet 5.7 climbs on the Left Book.

You have to climb Magical Chrome Plated Semi-Automatic Enema Syringe (5.7) on The Pear formation if for no other reason than because of the name. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are enough great routes at Lumpy Ridge to occupy several seasons without covering the same terrain twice.

But for Lumpy being as good as it is, there is still the rest of the park. Want to get into the alpine rock? Sitting above Sky Pond is the Petit Grepon, an 8 pitch 5.8 that is considered one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America. In Glacier Gorge there are numerous route of varying difficulty such as the North Ridge of Spearhead (5.6) or Syke's Sickle (5.9). From the Bear Lake Trailhead Hallett Peak gives up some great lines such as Culp-Bossier at 5.8. And then of course there is Long's Peak, home to the Diamond, as well as a ton of other fine mountaineering lines.

Want to learn about snow climbing and glacier skills. The Northwest Face of Flattop couloirs between is ideally suited for introductory snow travel and snow anchor practice. The tops of the three couloirs ascend gradually until they end in a dead-vertical (but short) finish. Tyndall and Taylor Glacier are also excellent places to learn snow travel skills.

I could go on and on. There is so much to do in Rocky that the hardest part is simply deciding what to do. One thing we know is that we want to share our rope with friends and hope to see you in Rocky.

2014 Rates for Private and Semi Private Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park and Front Range Climbing

Ratio                                 7 - 8 hr day rate                          9+ hour day

1:1                                           275.00                                      375.00

2:1                                           175.00                                      250.00

3:1                                           150.00                                      225.00


Park regulations for our special use permit require that reservations are required 21 days in advance. Your guide will be either Mark Vermeal or Ryan Campbell both of whom live in the Front Range. During Rocky Mountain End of Summer Block (August 23 - September 2) your guides will be either IFMGA Jon Tierney, Dick Chasse, Mark or Ryan.

Lumpy Ridge End of Summer Sampler

The Arapahoe called it - Thath-aa-ai-atah - mountain of little lumps. Overlooking the majestic meadows of the lower Black Canyon, the lumps range from single pitch climbs to nearly 1000 foot walls. You can save a few dollars and put another cam or two in your pocket by joining up with a couple other climbers of similar ability. During our Lumpy Ridge Sampler we will visit a different formation each day. Each formation is unique - maybe it's a pinnacle, or a potpourri of steep cracks or a delicate slab climb. Lumpy Ridge is only minutes from downtown Estes Park but you won't know it once your there. This is ideal for climbers want to climb traditional multi-pitch rock climbs but don't yet have the personal skills, gear or confidence to do it completely own their own. We are offering two levels of this program - one featuring climbs in the 5.6 - 5.8 difficulty range and one in the 5.7 - 5.9 range.

5.6 - 5.8: August 23 - 25, 2014, $550.00
5.7 - 5.9: August 27 - 29, 2014, $550.00

A minimum of two participants are required to run this course or it may be taken at the private rate. Maximum ratio of three clients to one guide.

If you have a small group of climbers who would like to schedule the above program on a different day please contact us.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Hallett PeakLabor Day Weekend Mountaineering Primer

Open up your travel options in the mountains by preparing yourself to be able to travel with greater security over snow and rock. This course will introduce you to the core princples of snow travel - use of ice axe and crampons, self belay vs self arrest, route selection, and use of the rope to protect your self and partners on ascent and descent. Day 1 will focus on personal skills, day 2 on team travel and Day 3 will put it all together with an ascent of one of Rocky Mountain's stellar alpine climbs.

August 30 - September 1, 2014, $550.00

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