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It matters who teaches your course! All of our courses are instructed by Jon Tierney and certified through Wilderness Medical Associates - the world leader in wilderness medical training. Jon is one of the nation's most experienced wilderness medicine instructors with over 900 teaching days and tons of real-life mountain rescue experience. He is a flight paramedic and an internationally licensed IFMGA Mountain Guide. Visit Jon's bio for more info. If you can't take one of our courses there are several other highly experienced WMA instructors to choose from. Among the many wilderness medicine providers, we believe that WMA has the highest instructor standards and is the company we feel most comfortable recommending to clients.
Wilderness First Responder
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Wilderness First Responder has become the gold-standard in medical training for outdoor educators, guides, and other backcountry professionals. The curriculum is comprehensive but practical, including all of the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in remote and extreme environments. Wilderness First Responder is the best basic medical training for people who like to work or play off the beaten path.

The Wilderness First Responder course provides outdoor leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with medical and traumatic emergencies in remote settings. The WFR course is the first aid course that is most useful to outdoor leaders and travelers and is the expected standard in the outdoor industry. Topics include patient assessment, difficult extrication, and patient movement, basic search and rescue, emergency childbirth, allergies (includes anaphylaxis certification), toxins,burns, wounds, fractures, dislocation, shock, spinal assessment and management, brain/head injuries, respiratory distress, heat and cold injuries, Healthcare Provider CPR, legal issues and treatment of common backcountry ailments such as lost fillings, fish hook removal, fever, etc.

The curriculum makes liberal use of practical hands-on sessions as well as classroom lecture and discussion. You should expect realistic scenarios using stage blood and simulated wounds to properly prepare you for backcountry emergencies. Sessions may be video-taped to enhance learning.

Class Format
The Standard Wilderness First Responder course is usually presented in 72 hours over eight days. The course sponsor may add a day off, bringing the total on-site time to nine days. Occasionally we run courses in the Bangor, ME area that meet on evenings and weekends over several weeks. Typically, mornings are devoted to classroom lecture and discussion with afternoons used for outdoor practical skills and scenarios.

Course Sponsors
Acadia Mountain Guides sponsors Wilderness Medical Associates® wilderness medicine courses. All our courses are instructed by WMA Lead Instructor Jon Tierney. Jon is also available to provide WMA instructor sponsored courses on location to third party sponsors around the world; Hong Kong to Iceland, military bases to summer camps. Like other WMA courses the sponsor sets the tuition and provides the classroom and any housing or meals that may be included.

Students must be at least sixteen years old to participate in the standard WFR course. Those under 18 years of age will require the written consent of a parent or guardian. Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Five-Day WFR. Certain course sponsors may set a higher minimum age or establish other requirements consistent with their program. No previous medical training is required.

All teaching materials are usually provided by Wilderness Medical Associates® at no additional cost. This includes the WMA textbook Wilderness and Rescue Medicine, case studies workbook, field guide, lecture notes, and handouts.

Successful completion based on attendance, skills competence, and test scores earns WMA Wilderness First Responder certification valid for three years. This includes Basic Life Support and CPR, and WMA Wilderness Protocols.

The Wilderness Medical Associates® WFR course also meets or exceeds DOT First Responder requirements for use in the EMS and fire service. Reciprocity and certification is at the discretion of state or local authorities. Please contact your state health department or emergency medical services office.

Recertification can be earned at anytime during the three years following your course, but no later than the last day of the month in which your original certificate expires. Recertification options include the 16-hour Recertification Course, the 36-hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid Course, the 36-hour Bridge Course, or The 24-hour Open Recertification (Challenge™) Course.

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