Multisport Teen Outdoor Adventure Camp


  Who’s it for? Campers age 13-18 excited to get outside.

  What do we do? Depending on the camp, we could be hiking, climbing, biking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, and more!

  Where do we go? We will adventure throughout Maine and New Hampshire 

This camp is unique EVERY week is different so combining multiple weeks will lead to a very adventurous summer experience. 

  Multi Sport Adventure Weeks 

On some camps we will spend approximately half of the week in a coastal area sea kayaking, hiking and rock climbing followed by canoeing and hiking in Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and Baxter State Park.

“Two voices are there – one of the mountains, one of the sea – each a mighty voice.”

Get your adventure on some of Maine’s best terrain. The first half of the week focuses on outdoor adventures near or in Acadia National Park. Learn the ropes and rock climb on spectacular cliffs overlooking pristine lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Paddle by sea kayak or canoe to offshore islands where you can sample edibles from the sea as we learn about the natural environment and how to better preserve it. The last days are spent rock climbing, rappelling, paddleboarding and enjoying time with new friends. This is a great opportunity to learn about many different outdoor activities in a short time. Meet new friends, learn camping skills, land and sea navigation skills, and basic boating and climbing skills in this challenging and fun-filled seven day trip. Sea kayaking programs will be led by ACA certified instructors and all rock climbing will be taught by PCIA or AMGA certified instructors. No experience required. Limit: 12

Adventure Weeks: 

  • Acadia National Park- Sea Kayak, Hike, Climb
  • Northwoods Maine- Hike, Climb, Canoe, Whitewater Raft
  • White Mountains, New Hampshire- Hike, Climb, Canoe
  • All About Maine- Hike, Climb, Canoe 

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Orono, Travel to Acadia for an afternoon of learning rock climbing skills

Day 2: Spend the day paddling on a mountain lake and hiking to a nearby summit.

Day 3: Get out on the ocean in a sea kayak to explore local islands and coastal nooks and crannies.

Day 4: Climb and rappel in Acadia National Park on spectacular sea cliffs. Travel to the Katahdin region.

Day 5: Hike Katahdin or an adjacent summit if weather precludes the big K.

Day 6: Day 6: Group choice adventure day. As a group decide whether to climb, hike, canoe, or to mix it up.

Day 7: Return to Orono to rest up for the next week or head home.

Download Gear List for Adventure Weeks 

  Bigelows Backpacking and Canoeing 

Age: 13-18

Location: Bigelow and Flagstaff Preserves

We will spend a week exploring the Bigelow and Flagstaff Maine Public Lands. After storing our canoes for the latter part of the trip, we will trek the famous Appalachian Trail. Hikers we meet on this trail may be thru-hiking and en route to the redoubtable 100 mile wilderness section of the trail and then, Katahdin. After hiking west-east over the Bigelows, we’ll grab our canoes and canoe west across Lake Flagstaff. We’ll stop at one of the lake side campsites along our paddle and enjoy a secluded night along the lake’s edge. During this trip, we will be camping at established campsites in the public lands. We’ll be cooking our meals, sterilizing our own water, and learning other self-reliance skills.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at our shop 92 Main Street, Orono, ME for a gear shake down and pack out. Drive 2 hours to the east end of Flagstaff Lake to store our canoes and spend the night at campsite near the put in.

Day 2: Drive to the west end of the Bigelow wilderness to start our trek

Day 3: Hike Bigelow mountain ridge, stopping at a campsite along the way.

Day 4: Hike up and over Little Bigelow mountain, staying at a campsite on the eastern edge of the wilderness near our canoes.

Day 5: Grab our canoes and paddle out into Flagstaff Lake, stopping at a campsite on the lakes edge.

Day 6: Paddle out to our van, stay at a campsite for the night.

Day 7: Drive home and admirably recount our righteous adventure.

Download Gear List for Bigelows Backpacking and Canoeing