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Abigail Conright

If it wasn’t for my University outdoor program, I would have never been introduced to climbing. Indiana University Outdoor Adventures provided me with not only life-long friends but a passion that I will not be giving up anytime soon. As a trip leader for IUOA, I lead one-credit hour backpacking, rock and ice climbing, and orienteering classes for fellow IU students. I also assisted in helping with teaching the Wilderness First Responder Classes on campus. After getting introduced to climbing, I fell in love with it. My friends and I drove up to New Hampshire and climbed at Crawford Notch, Cathedral Ledge, and Frankenstein Cliffs and with combining two things that I love: winter sports and climbing, I couldn’t get enough. Afterwards, I took my first, of many, trips down to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and couldn’t believe the numerous possibilities to be had there. Some of my most cherished memories exist in the red, with my friends, climbing some rocks. With it being only four hours away from Bloomington, I drove down most weekends, it quickly became one of my favorite places to climb. 

Medical and Rescue Credentials
  • Education Credentials
  • B.S. in Animal Behavior, Minor in Biology