Rental Equipment


  • Full Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • 100% of the deposit is refundable if cancellation is made, and the rental is never picked up. Must communicate that rental is no longer needed for the refund to apply.
  • Upon pick-up, you should inspect the equipment thoroughly, ask questions, and if necessary, request an equipment operation demonstration. If rental equipment is returned in a damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for labor, cleaning, and repair costs. Replacement cost for lost, stolen, or destroyed rental equipment is at full value.
  • No refunds will be made due to poor weather or road conditions, equipment returned early, or equipment not used.
  • Rentals are priced per day, must be returned within store hours, and within the reservation duration.
    • Example: A one day rental must be returned within store hours the same day it was picked up.
  • Late returns are subject to a daily fee + 25% for each overdue day.


For multi-day rentals, discounts on the daily fees are as follows:

  • 3rd Day – Half-day Free – (2.5 x Daily Fee)
  • 4th Day – Half-day Free – (2.5 x Daily Fee) + (Daily Fee)
  • 5th Day – Half-day Free – (2.5 x Daily Fee) + (2 x Daily Fee)
  • 6th Day – One-day Free – (2.5 x Daily Fee) x 2
  • 7th Day – One and a Half-day Free – ((2.5 x Daily Fee) x 2) + (0.5 x Daily Fee)


*Bar Harbor Location is Closed Seasonally

All Rentals Must be Picked-up and Dropped-off at Our Bangor, ME Location

753 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401*



Camping/Hiking Equipment:

ItemsPer Day Fee
35 Degree Sleeping Bag$10.00
30 Degree Sleeping Bag$10.00
0 Degree Sleeping Bag$12.00
-20 Degree Sleeping Bag$12.00
Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pad$5.00
Inflatable Sleeping Pad$5.00
2-Person Tent$10.00
2-Person Tent$12.00
4-Person Tent$15.00
Two Burner Propane Stove$15.00
Hiking/Trekking Poles$5.00

Climbing Equipment:

Items:Per Day Fee:
Climbing shoes$12.00
Bouldering Pad (Small)$15.00
Bouldering Pad (Large)$20.00


Cross Country Skiing Equipment:

ItemsPer Package Fee:
XC Ski Package 1-Day$20.00
XC Ski Package 3-Day$50.00
XC Ski Package 7-Day$80.00


Mountaineering Equipment:

ItemsPer Day Fee
Plastic Double Boots$12.00
Adjustable Alpine Crampons$8.00
Adjustable Technical Ice Crampons$10.00
Mountaineering Ice Axe$7.00
Technical Ice Tool$12.00




Camping Equipment:

ItemsDay RateAdditional Day7th Day
 20 Degree Sleeping Bag$10.00$8.00free 
-20 Degree Sleeping Bag $15.00$10.00free 
 Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pad$6.00$4.00free 
 Trekking/Touring Poles$10.00$8.00free 
 2-Person Tent$20.00$15.00free
 4-Person Tent$25.00$20.00free 
Backpack $10.00$8.00free 
 2 Burner Propane Cookstove$15.00$10.00free
 Backpacking Stove / 33 oz fuel full $10.00$8.00free 
 2P Cookset$10.00$8.00free 
2P Backpacking Package
2 Backpacks, 2P Tent, 2 20 F Sleeping Bags, 2 Pads, Stove/Fuel, Cookset

Bring your MSR or similar bottle and we will fill  

$6.00 33oz  


Climbing Equipment:

Items Day Rate Additional Day 7th Day 
Rock Climbing Shoes$15.00$10.00 free 
Bouldering Pad (small)$15.00$10.00free 
 Bouldering Pad (Large)$20.00$15.00free 
Climbing Helmet $8.00$5.00free 


Cross Country Skiing, AT and Snowshoeing:

Items Day RateAdditional Day 7th Day 
XC Ski Package 1-Day$25.00$20.00free
Kid’s Snowshoes$10.00$8.00free
Alpine Touring Skis
G3 skis with G3 Ion Tech Binding
Approach Skis
Light AT ski w/ Silveretta Binding 
(mounts to mountaineering boot)
Plastic Tow Sled for Katahdin$10.00$3.00 



Mountaineering Equipment:

ItemsDay RateAdditional Day7th Day
Plastic Double Boots$20.00$12.00free
Adjustable Alpine Crampons$10.00$8.00free
Mountaineering Ice Axe $8.00$5.00free
 Adjustable Technical Ice Crampons $15.00$10.00free
Technical Ice Tool Pair $45.00$30.00free


Avalanche Safety:

ItemsDay Rate Additional Day 7th Day
Transceiver, Probe, Shovel
Probe $10.00$6.00free


Paddle Sports:

 ItemsDay RateAdditional Day7th Day
2 Person Canoe Package
Canoe, 2 PFDs, Paddles
Canoe Paddle$5.00$3.00free
 PFD (Life Jacket)$5.00$3.00free
 Inflatable / Packable Paddleboard Package
Board, PFD, Paddle 
$25.00$20.00 free
Paddleboard Package
Board, PFD, Paddle 
 Dry Bag$8.00$6.00free
 Big Dry Bag$15.00$10.00free
 1 P Sea Kayak Package
Kayak, Skirt, PFD, Paddle