Partner and Self Rescue

No climber should be without the knowledge and ability to handle an emergency using only personal climbing gear. This course is about awareness and prevention as much as it is about reaction to a problem. Instruction is available at all skill levels and may include rappel and belay problem-solving, belay escapes, ascending, medical concerns, lead climber and second rescues from multi-pitch routes, raisings and counterbalance systems. You may register for one or two days.


  • Preventive thinking
  • Rappel problem solving
  • Various improvised ascending methods
  • Medical considerations / needs
  • Lead climber rescue on singel / multi-pitches
  • Hauling and assisted hoist systems
  • Backing up rappels and belays
  • Various belay escapes
  • Knot passes
  • Tandem rappelling
  • Second rescue on single/multi-pitches
  • Counterbalance systems

Recommended length: 1- 2 days, also available daily by private arrangement. Give us a call at 1-207-288-8186 or email to discuss your goals. We will customize your sessions specifically for what you want to accomplish.