Slope Access Technician

Level 1 – Slope Access Technician

The Slope Access Technician course is an entry level course focusing on understanding equipment, basic techniques, safety practices and slope assessment essentials.  Participants will learn and practice a variety of knots, basic anchors, rappelling, ascending, belaying, knot passes and simple self-rescue skills.  Slope Access Technician terrain involves up to Class II slopes.  A Slope Access Technician works under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master Slope Access Technician.  A Level 1 challenge test is available for individuals seeking to demonstrate proficiency.

Level 2 – Journeyman Slope Access Technician

The Journeyman Slope Access Technician course broadens a participant’s suite of skills to open access to Class III and IV terrain.  The course covers alternative tools for rappelling and ascending, complex anchoring needs (multi-point anchors and load distribution), releasable systems, multi-rope systems, hauling and batwing systems, and partner rescue.  A Level 2 challenge test is available.