Professional Climbing Instructor Association

Climbing Wall Instructor Course(CWI):

What You’ll Learn:  The course emphasizes the presentation of sound fundamental skills to climbing gym participants, the formation of risk assessment and risk management skills and basic problem-solving skills such as belay transitions and on-wall coaching and assistance techniques. Participants are assessed on both their core knowledge and their ability to effectively teach and coach related skills.  Depending on performance, participants will earn 1 of the following certification levels.   
Length: ~20 Hours
Prereq: 5.8 climbing ability, owns personal climbing equipment, comfortable belaying with both aperture and assisted braking devices
Cert: 3 years
Recert: 1-day refresher or obtain a higher level of certification

Top Rope Climbing Instructor Course (TRCI)

What You’ll Learn:
Length: ~30 Hours, 3 day course with optional 1 day exam

  • Currently at least 18 years of age.
  • Shows an adequate level of experience (regular climbing for 2-3 years, high-intensity climbing in the last few months). These skills may be assessed at the start of the course.
  • Lead climbing experience recommended.
  • Possesses personal equipment necessary for course.
  • Capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 terrain while on a top rope.

Exam Cert: 3 years
Recert: 12 hour refresher

Top Managed Climbing Instructor Module

Length: 1 day (10 hour) module in addition to TRCI

Single Pitch Climbing Instructor Module

Length: 2 day module in addition to TMCI and assessment of traditional leading ability (comfortably lead 5.6) 

Why take a PCIA course with AMGCS?

Jon Tierney, our owner, is currently on the board of the PCIA and maintains his avid involvement in the program. We take pride in producing instructors that will work with you and give you the feedback you need to progress your skills beyond. The PCIA courses focus on the instructors needs, generally pertaining to groups larger than two with different needs than small ratio guiding. The PCIA courses through AMGCS will broaden the scope of your core skills and, in turn, make them applicable in many aspects of climbing instruction and guiding. The skills you gain during an AMGCS will be diverse, applicable, and adaptable to all vertical terrain.